Weekend Tastings

We host tastings every weekend. The general theme is to “Try 3 Wines for $10.” We start with a white then move on to two reds; typically the middle wine is lighter-to-medium bodied and then we end with a heavier wine. We pour new wines every weekend. And in addition to the “Wine Flight” we also offer a few options By The Glass and we have a selection of beers available as well. Those prices will vary.  The themed wine flight is always announced via email during the week.

Winemaker Events

We host winemaker events as often as we can. This would be in the special event category whereby we arrange a winemaker to pour behind the bar and talk about their new releases. In conjunction with these kind of special events, we may provide food in addition to the tasting.

Food and Wine Events

We also work with local chefs and caterers to create food and wine events. They can be as casual as a Sunday afternoon family-style dish with a pairing or a full blown “taco pop up” for 100 people on a Friday night. The idea is to have fun and expose people to different things.

Importer Tastings

Importer (or distributor) tastings are similar to the winemaker events in that they are a special arrangement to taste with the supplier of the wines. These typically offer more than the usual tasting 3 wines and can be very infomative.

Private Events

You can rent the space for any kind of private event you might like. We have had book clubs, engagement parties, fundraisers, milestone birthday parties, you name it. We can accommodate.

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